Know your enemy: a bill to make health care more affordable for the poor in North Carolina is “unlikely to pass” but a bill to increase existing benefits to NC lawmakers and their families has bipartisan support.

If money is speech, when will people start hurling pennies at the thick skulls of PAC donors and politicians and judges?

If African countries are ever to get out from under the thumb of their colonial past (and present), it will be through continental cooperation like what is happening during the Covid-19 pandemic. Divided, a people are conquered. United, they can be free.

For some people, David Simon is the TV version of a favorite author.

If we’re living through a new golden age of television, it probably started with Simon, before streaming services and startup capital changed how we think about and watch TV.

Banks and large corporations have the federal reserve with its $1 trillion securities and debt bailouts, and Congress and the Executive with their $750 billion TARPs, and $750 billion more.

When do citizens get their own Fed? and a Congress that represents them?